I'm a teacher-in-progress living in Texas with my husband, E. I work at an elementary school as a teacher assistant in an amazing Pre-K class and am working to complete my degree in elementary education.

My blog is about my teacher style- what works for me in the classroom, and some general thoughts on style. I began this blog for two reasons- I wanted some accountability and community during a time in my life where I'm rethinking my wardrobe- what makes sense for me as a professional and as an individual. I try to document my real, everyday style as I can, what I actually wear to teach 3, 4, and 5 year olds, as well as what I wear outside of the classroom.

I also wanted to create a resource for teachers and young professionals to use as inspiration for their working professional wardrobe. There are few teacher style blogs that share ideas that don't involve puffer vests, arm parties, or heels, which are styles that have never worked for me. I want to offer another perspective.

Thrifting is a passion of mine, and I love sharing my greatest finds. I'm also exploring a new way of thinking about clothing, using a capsule wardrobe. These are my reflections, ideas, and stories about style.

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