Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Something Nautical

This outfit is my version of jaunty yacht captain. Something about blue pants and a blazer sends me straight to sea! Also, the one day I have a presentation and attempt to look extra professional, I end up repotting our bean sprouts and spilling strawberry banana goo on my pants. I don't always try to look professional, but when I do, I ruin my outfit before noon.

Nordstrom Rack blazer (similar), Gap shirt (attemping to solve the perfect striped tee mystery), Gap pants (similar), Gap loafers

Also, totally accidental Gap model, meaning I'm wearing nearly all Gap. This is happening increasingly as I replace my old wares with new, quality pieces. So I guess being a Gap model is a good thing.

Bulova watch, Kohl's necklace

I'd love to say that my accessories are ever changing and original... but alas... no. This set has been on heavy rotation the past few weeks. Once you get it right, no reason to change, right?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Rainy Day

I enjoy the rain, don't get me wrong, but man! I never thought I ever say this- but I'm kind of done with rain! Luckily the forecast for the next week seems like we're finally drying up a bit! I will live to regret these words in a month or two.

Loft button up (similar), Banana Republic skirt (similar), rainboots compliments of my mama (I did get her a replacement pair, by the way)

Monday, April 27, 2015

Oversized Sweater

I've been living in this sweater this past week- its oversized and cozy but also spring friendly because its short-sleeved, although it is still black. I wore this to work, then changed for class since it turned colder as I was walking out the door.

Gap sweater, thrifted Ann Taylor skirt (similar), Gap boots (similar style on sale!), Loft scarf

Gap sweater, DIY waxed jeans (similar non-DIY option), Brooks sneakers, Loft scarf

Borrowed E's watch, I always do when I wear this skirt for some reason!

I'm clearly mourning in these pictures with all this black- Caroline at Unfancy, my capsule wardrobe guru and general girl crushee, announced last week she'll be taking a break from blogging. Why, world, why! I'll have to step up my game to keep myself occupied. Don't worry, I may take my cues from her but I plan to continue writing here at My Teacher Style and hopefully will get on a more regular posting schedule following the end of the semester. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Breaking the Rules

This basic outfit is breaking allll the rules. This sweater is another Gap sale salvage and darn it- I wanted to wear it. So I did, capsule wardrobe be damned! The rules of capsules that is. I can feel myself getting increasingly frustrated with my capsule, but by no fault of the capsule itself. Its not you, capsule wardrobe, its me!

I'm so uninterested in my capsule right now, like I just want to go shopping and not think about the consequences... I think its all the stress I'm experiencing- shopping is something I can control and I like it and it doesn't make me nervous when I think about it (because so many things do right now- its amazing how quickly stress spirals into worrying about everything. Like I'm nervous about packing my lunch. How did I go from concern over my lesson plans to nerves about my snacks for tomorrow??). Anyway, I'm going to carry on with my spring capsule. Just maybe with an addition or two.

Gap sweater, Gap jeans, Jessica Simpson flats (similar, similar)

A glance at my accessories via Instagram:
Bulova watch, J. Crew ring

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Old Lady Shoes

I picked these loafers up at Gap the other day when they had their awesome sale (which may or may not still be going on!) and I fully intended to tuck them away until fall, but I wanted to test-run them once (or twice... ok, it was twice) before I decided if I liked them. I do like them. In fact- they led me to an uncomfortable realization- I'm totally an old lady. I mean, these are some old lady shoes. Plain black loafers are about as classically boring as it gets. And I totally love them. I wore them because I was like "How cute and put-together-teachery will I look with these classy loafers!" But then I really thought about myself in relation to my age and I'm such an old lady! I drink loads of tea. I try to go to sleep as early as I can. I wear sweaters all the time, even in beautiful 70 degree sunshine (like today). I'm always cold. I have an affection for young children but they also bring out this stern side of me. Whenever someone comes to my house I try to give them things- food, candy, clothing- and I force it on them until they take it. Such an old lady. But I don't mind- I'll totally rock my old ladyness until I actually become one, and then I plan on being pretty kooky and weird.

Target cardigan (similar), Loft button up (another awesome option), Gap jeans, Gap loafers (still on sale)

Another way I know I'm an old lady on the inside? I love my pearl earrings. E got them for me for our anniversary and apart from my wedding band, they're my MVP of jewelry. I could and would wear them everyday. Sooo ooold! These are similar styles to the ones I have: 

If you ever find yourself with a little extra cash on hand and a need for some earrings that go with everything and never go out of style, I would recommend pearls. I never realized how much I needed something so basic until I had them and now I wear them endlessly. Thanks E!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Last of Leather

As much as I've enjoyed these pants, I think it's time to tuck them away for their long summer's sleep. With temperatures steadily creeping upward, I will look increasingly silly romping around in leather pants. I have to at least try not look silly, even if it pretty much never works. I'm also trying to convince myself to stop wearing so much black. Clearly, it's not working.

Nordstrom Rack blazer (similar), thrifted top, Nordstrom Rack pants (similar in a baggier fit), Chinese Laundry flats

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Most Perfect Infographic for Shopping

Just a little something to consider as you peruse the great sales this weekend...

This is perfect and I'm going to ask myself these questions when I buy anything. Yes, shopping trips will double in length but my closet will thank me! Thanks, WhoWhatWear! See the whole article here.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


You know, the past few months have been pretty hard. This semester has been challenging in so many ways- university has been intense, work can feel a little relentless, and having an opposite work schedule from E means we only get (and I calculated) about 15 hours a week during which we're both awake. Believe me when I say I needed a win. And I got my win today- E's schedule will be changing next month to one in which we'll be sleeping at the same time and that for me is worth more than all the Target giftcards in the world (because who doesn't secretly or not-so-secretly adore Target?). I'm so grateful that I'll be spending more time with my amazing man- he's my rock in the tumultuous ocean of my life.

--End mushy love stuff--

I wore this simple outfit to class tonight and I loved it. Loft has some great scarves right now that are perfect for any season in which you might want a scarf (read: all the seasons!) because a lot of them are neutral- this black and white one, naturally, caught my eye a few weeks ago and I actually found it on ebay, because I just can't spend $25 dollars on a scarf. After living in Israel where they sell delightful pashmina knock-offs on every corner in the Hadar (which is a market), I feel like anything over $7 is to much.

Nordstrom Rack top (similar), Gap jeans, Loft scarf, Gap boots (similar)

By the way- both Gap and Loft have some nice sales going- 40% everything including sale at Loft (I also love this scarf!) and 40% off full-price at Gap, with 50% additionally off sale items. Go shop thoughtfully!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Black, Plum, and Gold

I got a new mirror, guys. It's giant and perfect for mirror selfies. Its also GIANT. I'm so used to the little mirrors that you can hang on the back of doors, so this thing looks like I could put floaties on it and sail it down a river. I love it!

This was a super chill outfit but it made me happy because of this new necklace... It was on crazy clearance at Kohl's and I love how small but geometric it is!

Ann Taylor button up, thrifted pants (similar), Lucky Brand flats (similar

Bulova watch, Kohl's necklace

On packing

While I do travel a fair bit, I have never been very good at packing. I bring all my favorite pieces, confident that I'll be able to mix and match enough times to be satisfied, but I'm never content with my outfits. On my most recent trip, a dash to Paris in December, I was probably as successful as I could have been, packing in the middle of the night and being unsure of how to manage to look fashionable (because Paris) and also comfortable enough to walk around (because tourist). I brought enough shirts to last me a week so I had plenty of options when I changed my mind half-way through the day and switching out of a plane shirt into not a plane shirt. You know what I mean- the shirt you go in the plane in and spend 24 straight hours going between freezing cold and burning hot and eating and plane bathrooms and ugh... Man why do I ever go on planes! Anyway, I brought about 7 tops to layer, two pants, leggings, and a dress. It was great for the 4 days we were gone, including the accidental night we had to spend in Minneapolis.

With summer travel on the horizon, I'll focus this post on spring/summer/early fall packing (AKA, no boots and coats). 

This is my mathematically unproven formula for a trip that takes place in circumstances where you cannot wash your clothing, in this case, a 10-day trip to warm places.
  • 1-2 shirts per day you'll be gone (including plane/car days)
    • Maybe this is a little extreme, but I always assume that a.) I'm going to want to change immediately after the plane/car ride and b.) I'm going to want to change whenever my shirt gets messy, whether I spill or sweat or someone else spills or sweats on me. Crazier things have happened!
  • Half as many bottoms (jeans, shorts, skirts, skorts?) as days you'll be gone
    • Unless you wear your bottoms until they smell, which they will because warmer temps = stank, you'll want to bring a few options. This is taking into account the evening switch when you've been hot all day then come to your room before dinner to rest then realize its dropped 20 degrees after sunset. Shorts in the day, jeans at night! 
  • 1 casual dress
    • Beach, cuter exploration of the city days, just because...
  • 1 nicer dress (or nice outfit, skirt/shorts/pants and top reserved for fanciness)
    • Because vacation means you need at least one picture in which you look real good. 
  • 2 jackets (moto, jean, cardigan, hoodie- something you don't need to pull over your head)
    • I say 2 options because I have multiple jackets I would want to bring, and I try to always have a jacket with me, but I guess you could go with one. But two is better, especially if its still cooler. Plus what if you spill? Seriously, I'm paranoid. 
  • 1 long-sleeved shirt to layer with (if its still cool where you're going, like 70 degrees or less during the day)
    • I'd go for chambray on this one. Or a striped tee. Or something else that goes with almost everything you might wear. 
  • 1 pair of shoes you could wear all day every day
    • Tennis shoes, or those walking sandals that people love but make me cringe. 
  • 1 pair of shoes you could wear half a day
    • Oxfords, Toms, flats, something you can walk around the city looking chic in before regretting it and going back to change into your tennies.
  • 1 pair of sandals (if you're going somewhere you'll be in the water or near the water)
    • This is more of an at-least recommendation, because if you're going to Miami you should bring multiple sandals, one for the beach to get sandy and possibly stolen, and a nicer pair for walking around and dinner and stuff. This also includes if you're staying in a place like a hostel which has a questionable bathroom and you want to wear something on your feet to prevent that "what did I just step in?!" moment. So really, its more like one pair of nicer sandals and one pair of sandals that are a bit of a throw-away.
  • 1 backpack, 1 crossbody bag
    • The backpack is for wandering the city and beach all day, the crossbody bag is for dinners and museums, if they don't allow backpacks. I love a leather backpack- you could easily not be a tourist in such a chic option. The crossbody bag can be worn under a jacket for some additional security. 
  • 1 scarf
    • This scarf is everything- for warmth, a pillow, a head-cover, a way to cover extra skin if needed. I always tuck one into my bag and use it the whole trip.

This wardrobe could easily take me to 10 days of fun in Barcelona, London, Istanbul, New York City, L.A., Miami, or Rome. Its versatile enough that I could do more city exploration or just be a beach bum, provided I include a swim suit. Everything matches and vibes together- nothing is out of place in my color palette and I could literally wear all the tops I have with all the bottoms I have. Easily I could squeeze 2, maybe even 3 weeks out of this travel capsule. 

Clearly, I'm an over-packer. But what can I say, I like being prepared for anything. E and I happen to have sort of erratic vacations, with surprises and adventures that are both fun and almost always unexpected, so I would feel pretty confident setting off with these in my suitcase. Because the majority of these pieces are lightweight and therefore easily packed, I feel confident I could fit all of this into a carry-on. Yup. A carry-on. That's what I travel with, unless I'm seduced into something bigger because of bulkier items (read: in winter, for a 10-day trip, its not a carry-on).

For a 3 day trip, this is what I would bring:

Still a lot of combination options, still some leeway for adventure like a few extra days away (read: stuck at the airport overnight). I still went with the two jackets, because honestly, I would wear both on the plane and still be cold.

I also want to mention the midi skirt- this is included because I've traveled a little in the Middle East (and other places, but people tend to worry about dressing for travel to the MidEast) and, even though it gets very hot there, you can't romp around in shorts or skirts above the knee. Well, you can. And many people do. As a security guard at the Baha'i Gardens in Haifa, Israel, I saw countless women (all tourists, I'll note) from  all over the world in what can only be described as bad choices. Women who looked like they forgot their shirts that morning. People who didn't realize their bottoms were hanging out of their shorts. Just generally, not enough clothing. The midi skirt serves the purpose of a cooler, more conservative option that, if paired correctly, can be culturally acceptable almost anywhere. Israel is, relatively, significantly less conservative as a whole than the rest of that region, and I still would never walk around in a tank top and shorts there. If I was in the Middle East, I could take either of these packing options and be alright, I would just omit the shorts and wear the scarf or cardigan the whole time to cover my shoulders and neck. Most places I've experienced were rather modern (Turkey, Israel, Morocco) and very tourist-friendly, but who wants to look like a tourist while traveling? Backpacks and cameras are a dead give-away, I don't need to add on top of that an extra layer of culturally-insensitive American by showing too much of my body. People will say that in some places they don't mind if you're not following the local dress-code, but you can believe you'll get a lot more respect if you stay more in line with what is normal in the region.

I find that if you're dressed respectably, you'll be treated far better. By the staff at hotels, restaurants, at the airport, taxi drivers, etc. Quality, appropriate clothing shows that you know what you're doing, and therefore are probably less gullible and inattentive- two things you never want to be perceived as when travelling, or in general.

One more thing- if you have room for it and care about the state of your clothing- bring a travel steamer. YES. A steamer. Bring it with you and enjoy crease-free, fresh clothes the whole trip! Provided you have the correct adapter plug! This is the version I have, and since I got it I haven't ironed anything and it's been wonderful.

Well, those are my thoughts about packing, and hopefully it helps us pack a little lighter and more thoughtfully!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Gray and Leather

I love the contrast in the outfit- the top says nap time and I'm not sure what the bottom says but it's definitely not for resting. It has that casual look that's downplayed by the leather. I feel like these pants are the Parisian version of the boyfriend jean. They have the same slouchy fit, but they're not artfully tattered in a way that I don't feel meshes with the whole effortless chic the French are known for. Not to say I'm at all effortless. I won't tell you how many times I changed to get to this outfit. But I like to think it sends out the vibe that I can be effortless and comfy and chic all at once. 

Also, I'm not sure where these pants stand in relation to my capsule. Are they in or out? Should I pack them away until fall or leave them available for cooler days, ensuring they get worn? No idea. 

Banana Republic shirt, Gap cardigan, Nordstrom Rack leather pants, Gap loafers

More florals

Black and white and florals. That's all this spring is about. That and finding ways to wear both boots and sandals. That's definitely an interesting change!

Expect posts to be a little less frequent these next few weeks- school is wrapping up which means all the projects are due at once and my stress went from moderately high to "maybe you should sit down" high.

Thrifted top, Target cardigan (similar), H&M jeans, Gap boots (similar)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Classy In Florals

People usually associate spring with florals, but florals are one of the few patterns that I love all year round. Stripes and florals are the only patterns I'm comfortable with unconditionally; occasionally I'll slip a polka dot or a paisley into the mix.

This thrifted Ann Taylor pencil skirt is one of the few patterned pieces in my closet, but it gets a lot of use. I love the whimsical nature of the print, its not quite as outright feminine as some florals. The colors are perfect for spring too- fresh and clean and bright. I paired this skirt with stripes and my moto jacket in March and I loved that combination too! I wore this more formal outfit on a day I had to look classy, and it actually felt kind of strange to be so dressed up. My school allows me to dress pretty casually, but I think I like this vibe- I feel like a creative professional.

Mango button up, thrifted skirt (similar, similar), Lucky Brand flats (similar)

Thrifted Favorites, Part 2: Striped Crop Top

As I progress through my spring capsule, one piece sticks out to me as one of the more versatile and fun items I selected. That would be my thrifted striped crop top. I don't have a long fun story like I did for my camel riding boots but I can say that this purchase took me completely by surprise. I remember picking it off the rack in a comely Goodwill and thinking, "Hey these stripes are nice." Next thing I know, its 9 months later and I'm still wearing it. This particular top has seen a lot of action on the blog, so let's review its uses:

In January:

 In March:

I love this shirt! I can layer it, dress it up or down, and its right at this perfectly weird length where you can't see my belly button but I can't wear it with low-rise jeans, so it functions as a crop top without it being too cropped. I can't wait for summer when I can bum around in this tank and cutoffs and ankle strap sandals, or in something a little more dressy like a midi skirt and flats.

I've looked high and low for similar tank tops to offer as alternatives, but pickings are slim! My only lament is that none of these options offer the same boxy fit that my thrifted one does. I think that cut is so fresh right now- we're moving away from the constantly tight and pulling tops of yester-year and towards something less form-fitting and more structured. Here is my best effort to recapture some of the magic!

If I destroyed my thrifted tank, this is probably what I would replace it with. It has a shorter length than mine, but I like the structure and the neckline.

This tank is a looser, more casual option. Perfect with jeans or cutoffs in the summer!

Definitely a crop! This is a great price and it seems to be pretty sturdy. This would be great with a full midi skirt!

Have you found anything excellent thrifting? What's from Goodwill or Salvation Army that has stuck around in your closet?

On purging and saving

Today I spent a bit of long overdue time going through what I like to think of as my "should it stay or should it go?" pile. I have a bad habit of forming piles of clothing that linger for weeks as I decide what their fate will be. There's a Goodwill pile near the door, a "possibly sell" pile near the window, a "pawn off to friends" pile that sometimes mixes with the "possibly sell" pile... Basically my room is a reject pile while my closet has become a shining example of the things I actually want to wear. My poor, sweet E has to dodge around too-big jackets and shrunken skirts while I make up my mind! These piles used to be the norm for me- I would go shopping and come home and do a mini-closet purge, getting rid of some of the items that my new purchase would replace. This was a regular habit, once or twice a month I'd haul away a trove of new treasures for thrifters to rummage through.

Now that I've begun work on a consistent capsule wardrobe, my piles are getting smaller and my trips  to drop off more frequent. I don't know that I would call the feeling of getting rid of a bunch of stuff that I don't want or need exhilarating, but it definitely is a great feeling. Now that I know what I need/want to function, I can get rid of so many things. Do I need 5 pairs of jeans? No! Do I want this ill-fitting shirt? No! Off to the thrift store for someone else to hopefully enjoy. 

Now that my closet is significantly less cluttered, I'm seeing the same problem and solution in everything. Why do I need a pile of old magazines, or 20 half-burnt candles? Into the trash! I see the benefit of ditching things I don't immediately see use for. I can feel myself getting a little manic about it. It's kind of exhausting, actually. Clutter now stresses me out. I'm looking around our living room now, and there are at least 3 things I'm craving to donate. I guess I need to find a good balance between donating and storing. There are some things that I want to get rid of, but I know I'm going to want again in a few months. When I was researching decluttering, I came across this theory of how to decide whether or not something stays: The 20/20 rule. This rule states that you can and should get rid of something you don't currently want or need if you could get it within 20 minutes and for less than $20 if you suddenly required it. Example: Biking. Now, I used to be an inspiring biker when I lived in Wichita- with its quiet, flat streets and my copious free time. Living in Texas and working and going to school have left me with neither free time nor quiet streets. What should I do with my biking gear? I don't need it currently. My bike was significantly upwards of $20 and it would be hard to find a similar model, so I should keep my bike and store it. My old biking shorts, however, are just sitting around, taking up space, and reminding me that I don't have time for this hobby I enjoy. If I suddenly had a great need to ride my bike, I could easy just go buy new shorts for less than $20. So, bike is stored for later, and shorts are gotten rid of.

I want to apply this rule more universally to my life. For all the random knickknacks and books, the chipped plates and vases sitting around. I don't need those things, and they certainly wouldn't be hard to replace if I wanted them. Our homes, closets, and lives should be filled with things that uplift us and bring us joy to look at and use!

Now that this has become my mindset, I find myself only wanting these happy, productive items around. That means I need storage for the happy, productive things that I don't need currently, but will want later. I have a system in place for seasonal decorative things like our vases, votives, and tablecloths, but I really need a good storage solution for my out of season clothing. Our closet space is a little tight, but manageable. Any tips on how to appropriately store my sweaters and boots? I'm all ears!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Rain, Wind, and Sun

I'm somewhere between frustrated, amused, and just plain exasperated about the weather these days. Just in the first 4 hours of my day, it went from rainy on the drive to school, windy and sunny at recess, and now it's cloudy and cool at lunch time. I hate that my outfit may be completely weather inappropriate by the time we walk out for recess, but I also strangely love the constant variation. I hate wearing the same assemblage of sweaters and boots over and over, so it's kind of nice when we go from skirts and tanks one day to jackets and boots the next. Call me crazy, but it keeps life from being totally boring.

This is a reiteration of an outfit from a wildly warm day in January, but far more weather proof! These rainboots are worth their wait in gold, they are definitely the most complimented piece of clothing I own, and I totally stole them from my mom. Thanks again, mom.

Topshop jacket, thrifted striped top (similar), Mango button up, Gap jeans (similar), rainboots stolen from my mom (similar, in so many colors!)

J Crew earrings and ring, Bulova watch

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rejuvenate at Recess

This morning I woke up so grumpy and tired- I felt exhausted and irritated at everything. I spent most of the morning quiet, not commenting much during literacy centers and silently watching our students sing. Then we went to recess. Something about the cool breeze and the laughter of the 4 year olds made me calm down and open my heart. It's so easy to go through the whole day without realizing the blessing that is being a teacher! Being surrounded by children laughing and calling to me to show me that they've mastered swinging alone or doing a cartwheel is a refreshing experience after the sometimes frustrating situations in the classroom. 

Anyway- I'm grateful for the opportunity to have a mid-morning restart to the day.

This is my outfit for the 7-day Loft #liveinwhatyoulovecontest that started yesterday on instagram. The challenge was to show your favorite spring outfit- and all I need is black and white with a swingy skirt. So fresh!

Loft button up, thrifted skirt, Nine West purse, Jessica Simpson flats, Citizen watch

I just checked and saw that the Jessica Simpson lace-up flats I've been raving about have sold out. Such a bummer- these are one of the only affordable and quality pairs of laced flats I've seen! Hopefully, if this is a style you love, you can find another option. I'll probably do a round-up of laced flats and sandals for summer, so for now, happy hunting!

((Also a quick note- Here is my face! It does exist and it looks pretty normal. I would love to show you my whole self every time I share an outfit, but I'm usually only able to manage selfies and quick shots before I go off to class! Hopefully sometime in the near future I can upgrade my photos!))

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easy Blush and Black

If someone asked me to describe my style  uniform- what I could wear every day in any situation and feel fresh and ready for anything, this would be it. Loose button up, skinny pants, and flats. I could wear a variation of this until I die and be satisfied! It's easy and versatile. Add a cardigan or scarf and it's winter ready. Roll up the sleeves and undo a few buttons and I'm good for summer. Definitely my go-to combination when I'm not interested in thinking about my outfit.

Loft button up, DIY waxed jeans (similar), Gap loafers (similar, on sale!), Citizen watch, H&M necklace

What's your go-to uniform? Let me know!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday again?

Is it really Monday? Already? Even with the 3-day weekend, Monday snuck up on me.
I replaced my black and white Gap striped tee this weekend. I stained my hard won shirt with black shoe polish and through various attempts to clean it, I ended up putting holes in it. Oh well! I'll enjoy this gray and white option from Banana Republic until I finally find the perfect black and white striped tee. It's a little more weekend than work wear, but my style for work is pretty relaxed anyway. 
Nordstrom Rack blazer (similar), Banana Republic shirt, Gap slacks (similar), Gap loafers (similar in blush, on sale!), Citizen watch

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Red for the Weekend

I wore this thrifted pencil skirt out to a fundraising event with my sister in law Aleah. It's so much fun to have someone around to talk about style and play with outfits with! Look for a post from Aleah in a week or two!

Enjoy the weekend, kids. 

Topshop jacket, Nordstrom Rack shirt (similar), thrifted skirt (similar),  Jessica Simpson flats, Target necklace

Friday, April 3, 2015

Midi Skirt Week: Dressed Up and Down

So, this is a dress and not a skirt but its a midi! I need to do a thrifted favorites post about this dress. It's not in my spring capsule because the zipper needed to be fixed, but if it wasn't a problem I would be wearing this nonstop. I love this dress! Its a beautiful fabric- silky and light, perfectly draped. I tried this dressed up and dressed down, casually for work and then what I would wear for date night or a more casual event.

Thrifted dress, Gap loafers, scarf from Turkey

Thrifted dress, Jessica Simpson shoes, Target necklace, Old Navy bracelets

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Midi Skirt Week: Polka Dots and Chambray

I surprised myself with this skirt- polka dots are so perky and preppy and I'm so not. I found this skirt thrifting last spring and I ended up wearing it on a weekly basis paired with a black tank and ankle strap sandals. I think that's my favorite way to wear midi skirts- with tanks and sandals. There's something so laidback about that look, with big sunglasses and a cross-body bag. Ugh! Summer, where are you!

This styling of a midi skirt is decidedly not laid-back, I think. I felt very school-marm gone chic today. I love the soft flow of this skirt, its so lightweight and swishy. The nipped in waist and full flare of the skirt is so feminine. I think that's what I like about midi skirts, they're so feminine! I'm not a girly-girl, but I love the subtle femininity that the silhouette can give an otherwise masculine look.

 Loft chambray shirt (similar), thrifted skirt, Lucky Brand flats

 Kohl's necklace (similar)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Midi Skirt Week: Florals and Stripes

It was a struggle to get dressed this morning. Even this perky skirt couldn't convince me to get out of bed at a time that allows me to not run around my house frantically! In my haste to get ready (I changed three times, barely grabbed my lunch, and somehow slipped an apple into my purse before rushing out to the car and returning a moment later waking up poor E to ask him where my sweater I left in his car yesterday was) I neglected to accessorize my outfit to my liking, but considering how busy this outfit is anyway, I guess the lack of showy jewels is good.

Target cardigan (similar on sale!), thrifted t shirt, thrifted skirt, Chinese Laundry flats

I was talking to my sister-in-law, Aleah, earlier today (in preparation for a special post we're putting together, look for it next week!) and it came up that these days, an outfit like this feels like a neon sign to me! There seems to be so much going on, the patterns and shapes and layers- but its really a simple outfit. I think I'm just out of practice after the past few weeks of super simple outfits. Maybe tomorrow I'll go for something a little more low-key. 

Also, can I just say that I love these shoes but man they are not classroom-friendly! I need to do some troubleshooting! Any tips for making flats more comfortable for all-day wear?

Midi Skirt Week: Black, Blue, and Boots

Black button up, black and blue dot skirt, black ankle boots. AKA- the somehow perfect teacher outfit?! My proof that this outfit is my perfect teaching outfit is this- not only is this thrifted silk midi skirt easy to wear and cute- but I ran around outside for 15 minutes with 4 year olds without any issues. I ran. Outside. I'm not exaggerating- we raced to a tree then to the fence and back again. As I wore this skirt and these boots. That is my evidence. I felt just dressed up enough to be professional, but was comfortable enough to romp around with the kids and sit on the carpet to play alphabet bingo. Even in slacks I'm not usually so flexible!

Ann Taylor button up, thrifted skirt, Gap boots (similar)

Target cardigan (similar)

Bulova watch, Steinmart earrings (similar)

Also, I'm so glad I found this cardigan. I put it in my spring capsule knowing that I had it in my closet storage somewhere... But I couldn't find it. For the whole first month. I wore my chunky black drape cardigan nonstop in my winter capsule, and I was glad I had a lighter weight version available for spring, but quickly realized it was no where to be found... Until I found it Sunday afternoon under my bed. Under my bed! What am I, 12?! But yes. Now that I've finally found it, I'm delighted. Hello, cold classroom solution!
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