Tuesday, May 19, 2015

2 weeks!

Some changes are coming to My Teacher Style. I won't be posting for a while on the blog, but continue to look for action on my Instagram: my_teacherstyle.  
I'm so excited to create something new and better for you guys, look for an update in two weeks! 
I'll see you at the beginning of June!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Summer Sandal Selection

I've been enjoying stalking sandals online for the past week or so, in hopes that I find a great option to carry me into summer. I found way more than I could possibly actually buy, but I felt like I could share the rest of my finds. I had such a fun time finding all options... why can't you all join my closet? I went for mostly what I consider mid-level investment picks this time (between $40-$100ish) because hey- shoes are important. They protect your feet and totally change the look of your outfit and whole vibe. I'm going for casual here- even my heel choices can be paired with cut offs. I love going casual for summer. Nothing fussy except maybe lacing up these killer gladiators!

Dolce Vita gladiator sandals J Crew gladiator sandals Asos gladiator sandals
Loft tasseled sandals Rachel Zoe ankle strap sandals Steve Madden platform sandals
Ninewest nude wedges Ninewest strappy wedges J Crew heeled sandals
Gentle Souls sandals Banana Republic sandals J Crew heeled tasseled sandals

These are my favorite styles- gladiators, ankle strap, and a low wedge heel. I really don't wear heels, but if I ever need something casual cool and not painful, these would be my selections. 

Happy sandal hunting friends!

Weekend in OKC

This weekend I got to play hookie on real life and escape to Oklahoma City to meet up with two of my favorite people. They live in Kansas, where I hail from, and we rarely get to hang out these days due to my present location. We explored Bricktown in the midst of a thunderstorm, laughed out loud to Pitch Perfect 2, and saw the Oklahoma City Memorial, which was lovely.

I got this jacket from H&M for my summer capsule (due in 2 weeks!) and I haven't taken it off since I bought it. Its lightweight and breezy, and I love that the sleeves can be rolled up. Its the perfect summer piece and I can't wait to wear it during my summer adventures! I also came across these jeans on major clearance from Banana Republic and couldn't resist replacing my DIY waxed jeans with something with a little more staying power.

Thrifted shirt, H&M jacket, Banana Republic pants (similar), Brooks Sneakers, Nine West purse (similar)

Be on the lookout for some posts on summer coming these next few weeks! I'm so ready for summer- I can't believe we still have 3 weeks of school!

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Is it just me, or is chambray a neutral? I act like it is, anyway. There's nothing better than a perfectly soft chambray shirt. It goes with anything, can be dressed up or down, and looks great with almost any color. Chambray for the win.

I recently (like yesterday) replaced my Loft chambray shirt with this one from Banana Republic Factory. The Loft one I had was fine, it looked nice and had a lovely wash, but it was super stiff so it looked funny tucked into anything. This one is much softer, but unfortunately after searching online for it to link, I found that you can only get it in stores. So if you have the outlet nearby, give it a try. This is a small, and it fits my large shoulders and long arms, but is a little tight in the bust. That's laughable to me- I'm not exactly bursting at the seams of most shirts.

Banana Republic Factory shirt, thrifted skirt, Gap loafers, Citizen watch, H&M necklace

I'm getting more and more excited as June approaches- the end of school, my brother's wedding, and my summer capsule! Nothing but good!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

In the Rain

The rain this week has been so completely amazing. From misty afternoons to midnight rumbles to downright downpours... Seriously I love rain. Not going to be mad when the sun comes out though!

Gap sweater (similar), Mango button up, Gap jeans (similar), rainboot from ma

Target (top and bottom) and Kohl's (middle)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cozy in Spring

All the rain has cooled down North Texas to a frigid 70 degrees, and that's my cue to reach for a cozy sweater and ankle boots while I still can! I'm sure it two weeks I'll be laughing at myself for even having a pair of boots in my capsule!

I've been enjoying planning my summer capsule, it's nice to be planning a capsule that involves just one aspect of my life rather than work and school and play! So excited for shorts and sandals!

Worthington button up (similar), Gap cardigan, Mango jeans, Gap boots (similar), Citizen watch

Monday, May 11, 2015

Slouchy Midi

What a weekend! It was great. It was rainy and stormy and muggy and super productive. There is no sarcasm in these words- I genuinely enjoyed the weather and getting almost all my last minute homework done! I'm so close to the end of the semester I can taste it. Or it might be the Fritos. Either way, it tastes good.

The downside of this crazy weather is that the wind that accompanies these storms we've had has kicked up something my eyes do not like, therefore I awoke this lovely Monday to find that my eye looked like someone had inserted a grape under my lid. With some ice and eyedrops it chilled out to a mild puffy situation, but it was not the best way to start the week. It was a little cooler today, so I combined my short-sleeved sweater and floral midi to keep myself a little insulated.

Gap sweater, thrifted skirt (similar), Ann Taylor button up, Lucky Brand flats (similar)

Old Navy rings 

Review of Bare Minerals Foundations

I know I never really talk about my makeup routine here on the blog, but I take a lot of interest in my makeup as well as my clothing. In my adult life, I've only ever used Bare Minerals foundations. A few months after returning from Haifa (see my explanation of my time in Haifa here), my mom took me to the Bare Minerals store in our local mall and we got a bit of a make over. We bought a lot of makeup that day. It was my second run-in with non-drugstore make up (I danced with Clinque before when I was fighting the age-old battle with acne) and I felt like such an adult. At 18, this makeup cost more than most of my clothing and I was enamored. I stayed loyal to Bare Minerals Ready Foundation for almost 2 years, then I was seduced by their new liquid foundation, Pure Brightening Serum Foundation. Most recently I picked up their Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream. 

Ready Foundation (Powder)

I wore this powder foundation for almost 2 years and I was happy. I wore it at first with the Bare Mineral primer, then switched to E.L.F. primer this past year, tried Smashbox's holy grail of primers, then went back to E.L.F. after I kept getting the same results. I've used it with several different brushes, from the one the kit comes with from Bare Minerals to cheap Walmart brushes that broke after 3 uses. They all offered about the same result.


Good coverage
Long lasting
Easy to apply
Stays put all day (no sliding)
Stays matte all day
One compact lasts upward of 6 months with moderate use


Unnatural finish (very matte, no natural dewiness or glow)
Feels a little heavy

I would definitely wear this makeup for an event (hello, upcoming wedding!) or any other situation in which I needed to look perfectly matte all day and didn't want to worry about any shine. I could go from 8 hours at work to 3 hours of class to a 2 hour dinner after and come home looking more or less the same. I love this foundation, I just wanted to try their new product, which was...

Pure Brightening Serum Foundation

I was so excited to try this! My mom and I (we're makeup buddies) went and picked this up in November and we both gave it a try. I didn't like it. It was too... Slidey? It definitely didn't feel good on my face. Maybe I was just used to the firmness of the powder, but this felt like it wasn't dry on my face all day. Even with blush and the mineral veil to set it, it still felt all over the place. I bought a brush (not the one Bare Mineral recommends) but I only used it once, it had a better finish with fingertips. I don't like the bottle, the opening on top is leaky (maybe mine is defective?) and it gets all over the place. Overall, not the best. I went back to the powder after about a month. If you want to give it a try, click here


Good coverage
Long lasting
Dewy finish


Feels wet all day
Feels heavy
Hard to apply

I stopped in at Ulta to refill my powder a few weeks ago and spotted...

Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream

I had done no research and read no reviews of this makeup before I bought it, but I was not disappointed. This foundation is so cool! If it is, indeed foundation. It doesn't seem like a tinted moisturizer- it has better coverage than I could imagine from a moisturizer. Its light and easy, has a lovely dewy finish and doesn't completely suffocate my face. I hid my skin for a long time as a result of my problems with acne, and I'm just now gaining more confidence in my skin how it is. This gives me a bit of a color boost, and lets my actually pretty decent skin still show. I also love the SPF on this- this one has 30 SPF and the other two have 20. I spend a fair amount of time outside at work, so I appreciate the extra protection on those long recesses in the Texas sun. 


Dewy finish
High SPF


Minimal coverage
8-hour wear

I think I'm going to stick with this foundation for a while. I love its easiness, but its a little bit of a pain to put on because I mix it with primer first (I tried this based on a reviewer tip). I might not do this moving forward, over the summer when I don't need my makeup to last 12 hours. Without mixing it with primer it can go about 8 hours, but it also layers well, and doesn't look weird if you put another layer on midday. I'm looking forward to reducing my makeup routine... Oh summer days with a hint of concealer and a coat of mascara. I'm getting off topic. This makeup is great. I would advocate trying this for anyone who likes a minimal routine, or who just wants to switch up their makeup for summer. Shop it here.

What are your favorite foundations? Any tips for primer? I'm still looking for the perfect one!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Stripes

Celebrating mother's day with E's family today! Loving all the rain we've gotten today, but you better believe I have a pair of rainboots waiting in the car in case it pours again! 

Thrifted top (similar), Gap jeans (similar), Jessica Simpson flats (similar), Ebay statement necklace

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Summer Rain

This sweater is another item I wanted to test run after snagging it in a sale last week. I've been looking for a good gray thick knit cardigan for the fall and Gap had one for a reasonable price so I went for it. I actually bought two of them for sizing purposes- a reviewer mentioned that the cardigan can be a little boxy, and she went to the maternity section and found that the maternity version is a little longer, but fits just as well. I ordered the XS/S in maternity and the M/L in regular and decided the maternity one actually fit better, I kept it for future cozy sweater enjoyment. 

Gap sweater, Target tank top (similar), Gap jeans, awesome rainboots from my mom

I think I want to replace this tank- I just don't like jersey, it doesn't seem weighty enough. I was thinking of replacing it with this one from Loft (I know- I might be slightly addicted) but I need to try it on. Anyway, I'm still working on my list of summer wants, hopefully I can fanangle all of my wants out of my budget!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Visions of Summer

With summer weather coming fast, and the spring slipping away before I know it, I figured I'd get on with the summer inspiration! I can't seem to find too many images that convey how I want to look and feel, but here are a few ideas.

I love summer because I can change up my silhouette a little bit- I almost always go for a slim bottom and a loose top, but shorts totally change up the game. I never get too far away from my comfort zone, I'm all about black, white, and graphic prints. 

I've been examining my summer gear from last year and found a few holes which I filled while thrifting. I found a pair of charcoal gray silk shorts, and a black cropped tank. I'm not sure what else I might want! My summers are easy going and full of free time where I can dress however I want. I have a class in July, so I have to look somewhat respectable for a few hours a day, but basically I can bum around in tanks and distressed shorts and no one bats an eye. Its for this reason that I find it hard to commit to buying summer staples- I don't need to look professional daily and looking professional is one of my top style motivations. But I decided that this summer I'm going to find some things that I can wear into the fall and spring next year. I stopped into Loft to check out their summer items, and I surprised myself with some of the things I was into. I find summer style kind of frustrating- I don't like the traditional summer looks, they're usually so bohemian with the bright colors and the crochet and the big floppy hats... Its just really not my style. I'm way more minimalist and clean cut. But I found myself searching for something a little different than what I usually go for. Here are my favorites:

I love this tank with high waisted jeans, relaxed shorts, or a cute skirt. I like the graphic quality of the lace, it keeps it from being too cutesy. 

I picked up this skirt on a whim- I thought the thick tie around the waist was a cool detail. I also enjoy the curved hem on either side. Its just generally a cool skirt. I could couple it with a black or white tank, or a simple button up with flats for work. Such a great piece! I hope I can snag it in a sale sometime in the next few weeks. 

I also think I'm going to replace my silk button up with this one from Loft. They've rehashed their classic utility blouse and its amazing. I have two of their utility blouses (here and here) and they're great- flowy and relaxed and breathable (they still have them available here). I like them as special shirts rather than traditional wear-all-the-time basics. But I tried on their new one and I loved the changes they made. It has a more pointed collar and the material is no longer polyester, its rayon. Rayon is a lovely material- it has a little more hold than polyester, meaning the shirt is more structured and less flowy. I thrifted a similar shirt a few years ago- but I all but ruined it from ironing it too hot. Buyer be warned! I'm going to be a lot more careful with this shirt than I was with my other shirt! The silk camp shirt from Ann Taylor is great, but its a little too shiny for me (see it in action here). Plus its silk, so I have to dry clean it rather than be afraid of ruining it. So Loft utility blouse for the win!

Along with these pieces, I'll probably search for some nicer sandals to replace my jank old Target ones you'll likely see me wearing in a few weeks when I bring out my summer capsule. If I can get a good deal, I'd like something like this or this or this... or these if the shopping gods are really smiling on me!

Look for an update on summer purchases and capsule in the next few weeks!


Sorry for the radio silence! I'm finally finishing up my classes and feeling excited for the end of the semester. I thought I would contribute an easy look I wore for work (another jeans week for teacher appreciation).

Gap t-shirt, H&M jeans, J Crew scarf, Gap loafers (another loafer option)

Saturday, May 2, 2015


I wore this to get a haircut and hang around finishing up homework. I love that sweatpants are a thing, like I can wear them in a casual-cute situation and not feel like other people know I'm really in my pajamas. These sweatpants are in capsule limbo, just like my leather pants, simply because half the time I wear them just kicking around the house and half the time venture out with them. 

Thrifted shirt, Marshall's sweatpants (similar), Chinese Laundry sandals, Loft scarf

Friday, May 1, 2015


"Kate- describe a typical teacher outfit."

This outfit reflects to me decades of teacher style- pleated midi skirt (somehow popular again), button up (also popular again?), and loafers (how are all these things popular again). If I hopped in a time machine to the 50's I would not be completely out of place, any more than I am now.

Mango button up, thrifted midi skirt (similar), Gap loafers (similar on sale), thrifted belt, 


When in a rush, your head is feeling fuzzy, your eyes are puffy with sleep and you're not sure how many times you pressed snooze- that's when you reach for the easiest outfit available. In my case, that is black pants and a white button up. So easy I felt a little guilty so I threw a scarf on top. Still ended up being the easiest thing I've worn in ages it feels like, despite my penchant for basic outfits.

Mango button up, Mango jeans, Gap loafers (super on sale!), Nordstrom Rack scarf (similar)
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