Monday, March 30, 2015

Midi Skirt Week: Blue Pleats and Stripes

As I looked into the future via the weekly weather forecast I noticed something spectacular: it will (supposedly) be in the 70's and 80's all week. Now, as the daughter of a weatherman (what up, dad), I know that weekly forecasts see only somewhat accurate. Despite this knowledge and the fear that Thursday it could be snowing (you know, because Texas), I've decided this week will be midi skirt week. This is coming to you courtesy of my non-capsuled wardrobe because I need a break from it I have a lot of cute midi skirts. I wanted to try styling this style of skirt in different ways to give you lovely readers some ideas on all the options for this perfect spring staple. Keep in mind- it doesn't have to actually be a midi (below the knee) length for these styles to work, I just love midi skirts because they are so practical for the classroom!

Here's my day 1 of Midi Skirt Week! I feel like this should be called "edgy tea party."

Thrifted striped crop top, thrifted blue pleated midi skirt, Jessica Simpson flats, Ebay necklace

Look for more midi-skirt looks this week! I'm excited to show off all my thrifted midi gems. Yes, all my midi skirts are thrifted. Absolutely the easiest thing to find at a thrift store!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bright White

This post is titled Bright White in honor of the exceptional paleness that my skin has taken on since October. I realized somewhere around February that none of my body had seen the light of day outside my hands and face and occasionally ankles since Halloween!

Target tank top (similar), H&M jeans, Jessica Simpson flats, Nine West purse (similar)

Clearly, I need to let my skin see the light. But also sunscreen- I was outside for half an hour and my shoulders were red. 

I've been thinking a lot about my capsule wardrobe lately- possibly going slightly stir-crazy with only wearing a few items. But this coming week I have something a little different planned, so I'll get a chance to change it up. Look for a post tomorrow about it!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, ya'll!


What a weekend! And its only half-way through. Yesterday I celebrated my brother's engagement to one of my favorite people and so I was surrounded by friends, family, and Persian dancing. Yes please.

This dress was a last minute find in Nordstrom Rack (when I found my leather pants) and I had to quickly alter it myself. If I could offer advice to any person who doesn't always fit exactly into off-the-rack pieces, it would be to learn to alter things yourself. I learned because I thrifted these cool pieces that weren't quite right, and my mom's sewing machine was waiting in the closet for me to master (not that I've mastered it- I can sew in a straight line and that's really all it takes for minor alterations). You give me an oversized t-shirt and I'll tighten up the sleeves to make it a dolman shirt. You give me a giant skirt, I'll make it fit my figure. You give me a pair of flared pants, I'll make them skinny. Anything more than that I quake in fear and go to a tailor. But that's really all the alterations most things need- a little pinning and tucking here and there. Granted, I've only ever taken things in, only because I don't know how to let things out! I am very comfortable buying too big, especially because I have (relative to the rest of my frame) broad shoulders. If I had bought this dress to fit the rest of me, I'd be looking like the Hulk!

Dress (originally from Nordstrom Rack on major sale, at Kohl's for not major sale), Jessica Simpson flats, Nine West purse (similar)

I can't say enough good things about these shoes- they're comfortable, they're a little funky because they lace up, and they're black- which is always a plus for me. They also come in a nice taupe and are only $50, which for comfy cool shoes is a good deal as far as I'm concerned. Look for them a lot in the coming weeks- I have a feeling that the rest of my shoes will be taking a break. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Leather Pants

((Alright guys. I'm going to just put this out there- I'm going to be using the phrase "leather pants" a lot in this post. Ok- begin post.))

Last weekend, while browsing the copious clearance section of Nordstrom Rack for an engagement party dress, I found something I'd be searching for for months. Quite possibly for a year. Leather pants. I found real, glorious leather pants for a ridiculous amount. Let's just say, I got them at 87% off and the clouds opened up and the gods of shopping smiled on me. Yes, it's against my capsule rules to shop. No, its not realistic to stick with the rules 100% of the time. Yes, I'm a total enabler.

Anyway, I waited all week for temperatures to dip below 70 degrees so I could give them a try. I wasn't completely sure that I would keep them if they weren't functional on the classroom level. You see, I was scarred slightly by a pair of leather pants I thrifted once... I wore them to a concert and had to completely unbutton and unzip them on the car ride to and fro. So no, not functional. These leather pants though, definitely functional! The whole day I was really self conscious about actually wearing leather pants, especially to teach pre-schoolers in, but it was a normal day. But a normal day in leather pants.

Leather pants.

Ok. Sorry.
(Have you seen this?)

Nordstrom Rack pants (similar), Gap sweater (similar), Loft button up (lovely alternative), Gap loafers (similar in blush)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Red Suede Shoes

Since planning my spring capsule over a month ago, I had been looking for a pair of casual cool sneakers. I gave up on finding any before it was time for my summer capsule, but then I found these Brooks Vanguard shoes on sale (still on sale!) and I decided to go for it. Of course this is against the rules of capsule wardrobes, but I knew these would be a staple in the coming seasons. The red was only available in men's, and luckily I am well-into the men's sizes. They're red, cute, have a retro vibe, don't make my feet look huge, which is no easy feat, and were less than $60. I was couldn't wait for so-called Fun Friday to wear them, so I paired them with a relaxed black pullover and jeans.

I wore this jacquard bomber jacket inside most of the day to complete this sporty look. I found this jacket for $16 at Nordstrom Rack over the summer and it immediately became my summer to-go jacket. It came with me in airplanes and grocery stores, it lived in my car for a few weeks- it was like my own Fuzzy a la Owen. As the temperatures jump (and I do mean jump) upward, I'm looking to this jacket again as a topper for work and class. Its such a basic piece, but the texture really enlivens it!
Nordstrom Rack bomber jacket (similar)

Look for more of these sneakers and this jacket in the coming weeks, I'm so looking forward to easy styles as school tapers off into blissful summer!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

White and Plum

This week is off to a good start. The weather is fresh, recess is enjoyable again, and my assignment for an integrated lesson plan is off to a great start. I'm working on a lesson for 3rd graders combining the TEKs (Texas standards) for landforms and using art to express ideas, and it is so exciting! My hands were actually trembling writing about students creating imaginary lands and making a map of the landforms using all different materials. I guess that's how I know I'm in the right profession?

This outfit was actually too warm for me yesterday, I was shocked! I took my sweater off for most of the day and was still overheating, especially hauling my backpack across campus.

Mango button up, thrifted Nordstrom Rack pants, Gap ankle boots

Forever 21 necklace (top), Nordstrom Rack necklace (bottom) 
It's so hard to get a shot with these pants where you can really see the pattern, it's a pity because in person they're really lovely! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

A brief foray into layering with tights and leggings

My amiga M asked for a post on leggings and tights layering- so here's my two cents.

Before I split my days between an elementary school and university, you better believe I was in the legions of college girls going to class in leggings. But my leggings outfits were comprised of more than leggings, Uggs or flip-flops, and t shirts. Usually they were hidden under sloppy old man sweaters and riding boots, or paired with a striped t with an oversized chambray I thrifted (I wore it to death, I ended up finally replacing it with something like this but I still miss that shirt...) and therefore there was no unwieldy amount of my derriere bouncing around campus.

I would say this about the current possibility of wearing leggings as pants- as long as the leggings are made of real material and not the cheap cotton and spandex ones that you can see through when you bend over- thats cool. Pair them with something flowy and loose to counteract the tightness of the pants- something chic like this blazer and flowy top to look smokin' hot to go out. I found a great pair on clearance at Target months ago, made of a neoprene dupe that is thick enough to leave something to the imagination, but not too much. This is how I wear leggings as pants when I do (not these exact pieces, but I sure wouldn't mind!)

(made on Polyvore)

In the winter, I wear my thick leggings under dresses and skirts if I'm wearing boots (which is always in winter, I decided I'm not going to wear anything but boots if its under 55 degrees). I don't wear leggings with dresses otherwise, but I do wear thick tights. My preference for tights for any outfit of my own is always black, but others (read: M, this is for you) might want some more colorful ideas.

I think less is always more when it comes to dressing, unless you are a clown or a particularly zany person. I would say patterned tights and leggings should only come into play if you're wearing solids. For example:

Chambray dress: Easy, this pairs well with nearly anything, depending on your taste. These are all acceptable combinations. I think the same applies to any solid color dress- if its solid and the colors don't clash, its ok.

Patterned dress: Go easy. Stick with something monochrome, I would go with black polka dot tights or complementary floral if you really wanted pattern. Some people can pull off having brightly colored tights with a dress like this... But those people are not me. If you are that person, good on ya!
I would also like to take this opportunity to implore each and every one of you, dear readers, to stop wearing this combination:

Look at this cute dress of reasonable length. What is the purpose of those leggings sticking out the bottom? They serve no purpose and are weird. Please just no. The same goes for this:

Look at this dress, not of a reasonable length. And these leggings, covering just enough for this to be acceptable. Is it chic? Does it represent current fashion? Is it flattering? To all of these I say no and my reason is this: I wore this as a freshman in high school. Which was more than 7 years ago. If you're going to wear something like this, wear some riding boots to even out the weight on top. But please just no.

In response to this, I might hear something like "But leggings make too short dresses and skirts appropriate for work!" No. No it sure doesn't. Unless your leggings are tucked into boots and the dress is maybe an inch or two shy. But if your dress code says your hem has to be at your knees, then a dress that hits you mid-thigh is never work appropriate unless you go off into the pants under dresses trend. Leggings are hardly better than tights in covering things up and maintaining the mystery of the shape of your upper thigh, so please friends, for the love of all things modern and elegant- no more leggings under too short dresses. The same goes for tights with gaps (like lace) under dresses that are mid-thigh or shorter. This is only acceptable when you're dressing for a.) Halloween as any kind of unsavory character, or b.) going to the club? I question this because there has got to be something more flattering than a too-short dress.

And so ends my treatise on tights and leggings. Hopefully its helpful! What do you think? Do you agree with my rules of leggings and tights engagement?

Tank Tops and Jeans

This weekend was far too short! But with the weather on the upswing and the coming weeks filling up with family visits and events (my brother's engagement party is Saturday! Eeeee!) I'm feeling more positive and not minding the daily barrage of work and school. Even in the mild Texas winter I get a little depressed, so I'm always amazed and appreciative of how the warm breeze and brighter light uplift me. Even in 60 degree weather, which is still chilly to me, I had to let my arms get a little sun yesterday.

I mentioned a post or two ago that I had cut my hair, and it's amazing how different I feel! I knew my old hair style had been a bit of a burden (read: my hair was driving me crazy) but I didn't realize how transforming it would be to change it! I'd had my hair long for about 5 years before this and it had always been great until recently, when it just felt heavy and flat and lifeless. I cut it and now I feel like a totally different person. Or actually, I feel way more like myself, in that I don't think it's a characteristic of mine to spend hours trying to solve the problem of why my hair is bothering me, so now with this shorter do, I don't have to think about it. A few curls with the curling iron (no, not a wand, I still don't get the deal with the curling wands) and some cream and I'm ready to go. I love it! 
Thrifted tank top (similar), H&M jeans, Gap boots (similar), Kohl's necklace (similar)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

With the Boys

This cloudy Saturday I spent the day hanging out with my brothers, so naturally I went for my equivalent of a t shirt and jeans- a slouchy sweater and some cool waxed jeans. After a Starbucks trip and burgers for lunch, I was glad to have some give in my waist area!

Gap sweater (similar from the boys!), DIY waxed jeans (similar crazy on sale), Topshop jacket, Chinese Laundry flats, Nine West purse (similar)

I recently got this crossbody purse at Steinmart (this place is new to me, like a TJ Maxx for old ladies) and I love it- its brighter than what I would usually consider, but I liked the white for spring. My last crossbody bag bit the dust while I was wandering with E in Paris in December after only 6 months of light use, hopefully this one will be a little more hardy!

Also I cut my hair... I'm now attempting the lob after convincing myself I'd be happier with something lighter and easier to style than my long wavy hairstyle I had before. I have lots of inspiration on my beauty board on Pinterest. Check it out, maybe you'll be convinced too!

Happy weekend ya'll!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bright Blue

I really don't have much to say today, mostly just that I love this shirt! Happy almost Friday!

JCPenney button up (similar), Gap sweater (similar), Gap jeans (similar), Gap loafers (similar in blush)

 Necklace was a gift from my parents

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


This dress was a last minute thrift find. I was killing time in Texas Thrift (giant, but somehow usually devoid of anything worthwhile) and I as I was leaving, I happened upon this dress on the dressing room reject rack. I loved its retro vibe and its simplicity. I don't usually go for pleats but something about this dress made me feel cool and unique, a little like I just popped into Zara for a little black dress.

In the summer I wore this with simple black ankle strap sandals and a little bright purse but I struggled to transition it into fall and winter, which surprised me because it layers well. Maybe it looks a little weird with ankle boots? Regardless, I'm glad I included it in my spring capsule.

Because of the rain this afternoon I had to switch from the loafers to my trusty red rainboots, which was fine. I don't mind break up all the black and white happening lately!  

Thrifted dress,  Loft button up (sold out, lovely alternative), Gap loafers (similar in blush), thrifted necklace

Monday, March 16, 2015

Quick change

Spring break was to me the equivalent of a tired juggler saying "forgettaboutit" and dropping all their balls and taking a nap. Between work, school, family, and sleeping, it's been an exhausting few months and I enjoyed my break by binge watching my favorite shows (and a new show- has anyone else seen Marco Polo from Netflix??) and hanging out with my family who were in and out of town.

But alas all good things must come to an end, so bright and early I arose to eat before sunrise (just a few more days until the Baha'i new year! That's when the fasting time ends and I celebrate by eating my weight in Persian rice). It is amazing weather today so I felt a bit springy. I wore this thrifted skirt to work, then changed into something a little more comfortable for class tonight.

Ann Taylor button up, thrifted skirt, Lucky Brand flats, Citizen watch

Ann Taylor button up, DIY waxed jeans, Chinese Laundry flats, Citizen watch

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Quick snap of my outfit today, casual stripes with a light scarf to brighten up the black and white. Happy weekend!

Gap t shirt (similar), Gap jeans (similar), Lucky Brand flats (on sale!), J Crew scarf (similar), Bulova watch

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Stripes and florals

Here is proof I wear outfits comprised of things other than jeans and ankle boots. With the temperatures for the foreseeable future in the 60's and 70's, this is a look that will be on repeat in some iteration in the coming weeks. I realized as I put this outfit on that this is about as bright and patterned as I'll ever get, and I'm totally ok with that! 

Topshop jacket, Gap shirt, Ann Taylor skirt (thrifted, similar), Lucky Brand flats

Necklace is a gift from my mom, from Kohl's

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Goodbye cold, rainy days! I hope we've seen the last of them for a few months. Now I'm so ready for warm breezes and that amazing smell the earth gets when spring comes.

I'm celebrating the coming warm weather with suede boots and a light shirt.

Ring from a Native American pow-wow in Wichita a few years ago

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Floral again

The sun is shining, the wind chimes are chiming, and I am wearing this button up again. I know. Twice in one week- what self-respecting style blogger does that? I'll tell you what kind- the kind that is no longer guilty about being excited to wear something and wearing it. Sure, it might be boring, but man I love this shirt.

Loft button up (seriously on sale. Really really on sale), H&M jeans, Gap ankle boots (similar)

Nordstrom Rack earrings (similar), Citizen Men's watch

Also this is my nail color, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polish (what a mouthful!) in Malbec. I love that its dark enough to make an impact but when the light catches it, its obvious its not black. Dark plum for spring! I love it. This formula also lasts a long time, which for me means it chips after 2 days instead of 2 hours. Its great for people who do things like wash dishes, peel labels off of things, and live a normal life. Seriously, who are these people who can get a regular manicure and it still looks perfect a week later? Do you not shower?? I mean. Really. What is your secret.

Happy weekend! And happy spring break if this is your week!

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Another ice day means cozy at home. Which was interrupted by thinking I had class today so I promptly got ready to go into the cold and slush. I didn't mind so much if it meant wearing something comfy and relaxed.

Gap sweater (similar), Gap jeans, Gap ankle boots, scarf from Israel

My Style Icon

Since pinterest came into my life, with all its inspiration and addictiveness, I've really been able to use it to hone in my personal style. A few weeks also when I was building my spring inspiration graphic, I went practically back to the beginning of my style board and retraced my steps. At the beginning, I was all over the place. I pinned whatever caught my eye- the color of a dress whose silhouette was totally wrong for my body, an outfit with a great jacket but paired with a skirt much too short for my real life. Steadily I've gotten more and more narrowed down to what I actually wear and want to wear- the colors, pieces, fit, and style in each of the images I pin are actually what I would wear. Minus the heels. Even I can't avoid pins with heels.

Rarely do I find a blogger or celebrity who embodies in almost every photo I can find of them what I want- even the great Olivia Palermo, who I definitely admire, wears stuff that I just don't get. For someone to be my style icon, their style needs to be relatable as well as something to aspire to. I realized last night, after looking over my pins, that Jessica Alba is my style icon. I explored as many of her outfits as I could find on pinterest and I was surprised to see that I loved so many of them. Our body types are similar, so I can wear the same silhouettes as her. Her lifestyle, being a business woman and mother as well as into creative pursuits, gives her opportunities to look mommy chic (jeans, flats, t shirts, sandals, perfectly messy hair) and creative business casual (gorgeous blazers for days, full skirts, simple blouses). I just love her style! It's nice to find someone who I can look to for ideas when I want to kick it up a notch in my own style without stepping outside of what I want to wear.

Here are some of my favorite looks from Jessica Alba:

Can we just? She is flawless!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Social Media for the Win!

Just wanted to let you all know that I've created an instagram account, my_teacherstyle, to join in yet another great community social media has given us space for. I can't wait to connect with everyone!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Subtle Pattern Mixing

This outfit came to me as I was trying to fall asleep after stuffing myself with as many eggs and strawberries as possible before the sun came up (it's the Baha'i fasting period until March 20th) so I like to think that's it's dreamy.
I surprised myself with how much detail there is today, patterns and jewelry? This is rare people!
Nordstrom Rack blazer (similar), Gap shirt (similar), Halogen pants (similar), Gap boots (similar on sale!), scarf from Turkey

With my yummy jacket
Topshop jacket, Target purse (similar)

At glance at the details and accessories
Bulova watch, Old Navy ring
Baublebar earrings 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Graphic Blouse

I've been looking forward to this outfit for weeks- mostly because this shirt has been sitting in my closet calling to me. When I set foot into Loft in January I fell in love with this bold floral print, and I plotted. I schemed all the possible ways of getting my hands on it- everything from teacher discount to Retail Me Not coupons, until Loft basically handed it to me by putting it on sale and then adding the extra 60% off they seem to do every other week. The wait was worth it! I love it.

Loft blouse (still on sale, by the way), Gap cardigan (similar), Mango jeans, stolen rainboots from my mother (similar)

Not sure how I feel about this cardigan. Its my spring replacement for my giant drapey black cardigan I wore 5,000 times the past few months but its just quite as cozy (like here, here and here). But the gray is way better for spring, don't you think?

Anyway, hopefully I'll only be wearing it a few times before the Texas sun comes to its senses and starts shining again. Until then, grandma cardi to the rescue?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Red, White, and Cold

This is my first spring capsule outfit, and it's a warm one. It's cold and rainy, so I'm bundled in a warm sweater, chambray, and my trusty red rainboots. I relish any opportunity to rock these rainboots, so that's basically the only exciting part of this nasty wet weather that seems to be going on and on.
This is also the last day of the Baha'i celebration called Ayyam-i-ha, and tomorrow starts the 19 day fasting period. We don't eat or drink from sunrise to sunset, in an effort to detach ourselves from the material world and become closer to God. It's very difficult at times, especially because I'm a huge snacker and my days are long going from work to class. But the whole process is really uplifting. I'm looking forward to it!
Gap sweater (similar), Loft Chambray button up (on sale!), Gap jeans, rainboots (courtesy of my wonderful mom who never made me give these back!) (similar)

Last of Winter

This is my last look from my winter capsule, and I can't say I'll miss it! I learned a lot about my personal sense of style and I can't wait to bring that learning into my spring capsule.
I wore this get-up to celebrate my brother's engagement to my lovely friend and future sister-in-law! I'm so full of joy to be welcoming her into our family!
Ann Taylor button up, Target dress (similar), Zara boots (similar)
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