Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Layered Stripes

The other day I came up with this shirt combo and I definitely questioned it... Until I saw it on. I don't think it looks like two different shirts, it seems to be to look very intentional. I love layering button ups in unexpected ways- theres only so many times you can put a collared shirt under a sweater! Trust me, I do that every other day. But this was a refreshing change!

Another refreshing change was the lack of extra layers for most of the day- I didn't have to wear the blazer (same as yesterday) for most of the afternoon! I actually got hot. A miracle! Sorry for anyone reading this in the northeast who isn't enjoying the piles of snow.

Mango button up, thrifted striped top (similar), Gap jeans, Gap loafers, vintage necklace (similar)


  1. The striped top and button up are so cute together!


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