Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday Afternoon

Thrifted button up, H&M high waisted skinny jeans, and Gap ankle boots (similar)

Today it was beautiful! 60-something in January? Yes please! This is my go-to uniform for the weekends (and when possible at work) when its not freezing outside. Also, I adore high waisted anything! Its a flattering cut on most people and it makes me feel like I put a little more thought into what I'm wearing. Everyone needs to try a pair. I tried desperately to find a good pair thrifting- that ended with me nearly breaking my thumbs attempting to remove a pair of vintage Tommy Hilfiger jeans off... So H&M it is!


  1. The cuffed jeans with the boots are a win! And I love the thrifted top....I want to find something like it!


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