Monday, May 11, 2015

Slouchy Midi

What a weekend! It was great. It was rainy and stormy and muggy and super productive. There is no sarcasm in these words- I genuinely enjoyed the weather and getting almost all my last minute homework done! I'm so close to the end of the semester I can taste it. Or it might be the Fritos. Either way, it tastes good.

The downside of this crazy weather is that the wind that accompanies these storms we've had has kicked up something my eyes do not like, therefore I awoke this lovely Monday to find that my eye looked like someone had inserted a grape under my lid. With some ice and eyedrops it chilled out to a mild puffy situation, but it was not the best way to start the week. It was a little cooler today, so I combined my short-sleeved sweater and floral midi to keep myself a little insulated.

Gap sweater, thrifted skirt (similar), Ann Taylor button up, Lucky Brand flats (similar)

Old Navy rings 


  1. I'm obsessed with this pretty skirt, what an amazing find!!

    XO Courtney


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