Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Visions of Summer

With summer weather coming fast, and the spring slipping away before I know it, I figured I'd get on with the summer inspiration! I can't seem to find too many images that convey how I want to look and feel, but here are a few ideas.

I love summer because I can change up my silhouette a little bit- I almost always go for a slim bottom and a loose top, but shorts totally change up the game. I never get too far away from my comfort zone, I'm all about black, white, and graphic prints. 

I've been examining my summer gear from last year and found a few holes which I filled while thrifting. I found a pair of charcoal gray silk shorts, and a black cropped tank. I'm not sure what else I might want! My summers are easy going and full of free time where I can dress however I want. I have a class in July, so I have to look somewhat respectable for a few hours a day, but basically I can bum around in tanks and distressed shorts and no one bats an eye. Its for this reason that I find it hard to commit to buying summer staples- I don't need to look professional daily and looking professional is one of my top style motivations. But I decided that this summer I'm going to find some things that I can wear into the fall and spring next year. I stopped into Loft to check out their summer items, and I surprised myself with some of the things I was into. I find summer style kind of frustrating- I don't like the traditional summer looks, they're usually so bohemian with the bright colors and the crochet and the big floppy hats... Its just really not my style. I'm way more minimalist and clean cut. But I found myself searching for something a little different than what I usually go for. Here are my favorites:

I love this tank with high waisted jeans, relaxed shorts, or a cute skirt. I like the graphic quality of the lace, it keeps it from being too cutesy. 

I picked up this skirt on a whim- I thought the thick tie around the waist was a cool detail. I also enjoy the curved hem on either side. Its just generally a cool skirt. I could couple it with a black or white tank, or a simple button up with flats for work. Such a great piece! I hope I can snag it in a sale sometime in the next few weeks. 

I also think I'm going to replace my silk button up with this one from Loft. They've rehashed their classic utility blouse and its amazing. I have two of their utility blouses (here and here) and they're great- flowy and relaxed and breathable (they still have them available here). I like them as special shirts rather than traditional wear-all-the-time basics. But I tried on their new one and I loved the changes they made. It has a more pointed collar and the material is no longer polyester, its rayon. Rayon is a lovely material- it has a little more hold than polyester, meaning the shirt is more structured and less flowy. I thrifted a similar shirt a few years ago- but I all but ruined it from ironing it too hot. Buyer be warned! I'm going to be a lot more careful with this shirt than I was with my other shirt! The silk camp shirt from Ann Taylor is great, but its a little too shiny for me (see it in action here). Plus its silk, so I have to dry clean it rather than be afraid of ruining it. So Loft utility blouse for the win!

Along with these pieces, I'll probably search for some nicer sandals to replace my jank old Target ones you'll likely see me wearing in a few weeks when I bring out my summer capsule. If I can get a good deal, I'd like something like this or this or this... or these if the shopping gods are really smiling on me!

Look for an update on summer purchases and capsule in the next few weeks!


  1. So happy that summer is coming soon! The LOFT jogger skirt looks really cute :)


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