Friday, February 20, 2015


Happy Friday! I had crossing guard duty every morning this week and you better believe I'm glad this week is over. This is my Goodwill dressing room selfie after I changed out of my "fun Friday" clothes and got a haircut. I may or may not be searching for the perfect jeans to make cut offs for the summer. I don't think its too early... even though its definitely February... Because soon all the hipsters will be trolling Goodwill for high waisted mom jeans to chop and shred. So I'll be searching. If you're out there, perfect mom jeans, I'll find you!

Loft blouse, Topshop jacket, Gap jeans, Gap ankle boots (similar), Target necklace

Enjoy the weekend! Hopefully where ever you are you're inside and not dealing with the so called "arctic blast," which is anything from -30 and 40. Break out your old man sweaters people!


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