Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Blush

Before the color blush came into the world of fashion like 3 years ago, I never wore pink. Actually, I haven't worn pink by choice since I was 6. I have only brothers and loved running around with them and wearing hand-me-downs, so for the past 17 years or so, I've avoided pink because I thought it was too girly. To be honest, I still don't like pink. But blush is like pink's older, more elegant cousin who only comes to visit when you need to look cool and feminine. Pink wants to go see a rom-com and Blush stays in to cook a fancy romantic dinner that is somehow low maintenance and relaxing.

Regardless of the differing extracurricular activities of colors, blush has become one of my favorite this season. With the exception of summer, which I think requires a little more punch, blush can be part of any palette for spring, fall, and winter. It pairs beautifully with so many colors! These are my favorites.

For Valentine's Day, I figured I'd put to use my favorite Loft purchase and wear some pink blush. I paired this blouse with a full black skirt and nude flats. E and I went with a group of friends to sushi in Dallas, then wandered around the Galleria. The day was warm, sunny, and all-around stunning, so even with my reputation for always being cold, my moto jacket stayed firmly in the car until the sun went down.

Loft button up, Banana Republic skirt (I love this longer version), Chinese Laundry flats


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