Thursday, February 12, 2015

Oversized Stripes

I'll be real- it was nearly impossible to get out of bed today. A long day of work and class is not exactly inspiring, so I relied on one of the few pieces of sparkle I have in my jewelry box to brighten my day. I got this necklace on eBay after reading posts from other bloggers who have found awesome statement necklaces for like a dollar. I scoured for weeks- I wanted the right colors to be as wearable as possible, I wanted sparkle but not too distracting, and I wanted the perfect size. When I finally got my shamefully cheap necklace, I realized that this necklace was none of those things. The colors are fine, but the gray is a little weird. The sparkle is so flashy. But the biggest issue is... This necklace is giant. Like, unwearably so. This is the only outfit I can wear this bauble with, I'm trying to both match the gray and hide the majority of the sparkle- but I'll be darned if it isn't a charming combination.

Gap sweater (similar), Loft chambray shirt (on sale!), Mango jeans, Gap ankle boots
Necklace from eBay 


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