Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Gray and Leather

I love the contrast in the outfit- the top says nap time and I'm not sure what the bottom says but it's definitely not for resting. It has that casual look that's downplayed by the leather. I feel like these pants are the Parisian version of the boyfriend jean. They have the same slouchy fit, but they're not artfully tattered in a way that I don't feel meshes with the whole effortless chic the French are known for. Not to say I'm at all effortless. I won't tell you how many times I changed to get to this outfit. But I like to think it sends out the vibe that I can be effortless and comfy and chic all at once. 

Also, I'm not sure where these pants stand in relation to my capsule. Are they in or out? Should I pack them away until fall or leave them available for cooler days, ensuring they get worn? No idea. 

Banana Republic shirt, Gap cardigan, Nordstrom Rack leather pants, Gap loafers


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