Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Old Lady Shoes

I picked these loafers up at Gap the other day when they had their awesome sale (which may or may not still be going on!) and I fully intended to tuck them away until fall, but I wanted to test-run them once (or twice... ok, it was twice) before I decided if I liked them. I do like them. In fact- they led me to an uncomfortable realization- I'm totally an old lady. I mean, these are some old lady shoes. Plain black loafers are about as classically boring as it gets. And I totally love them. I wore them because I was like "How cute and put-together-teachery will I look with these classy loafers!" But then I really thought about myself in relation to my age and I'm such an old lady! I drink loads of tea. I try to go to sleep as early as I can. I wear sweaters all the time, even in beautiful 70 degree sunshine (like today). I'm always cold. I have an affection for young children but they also bring out this stern side of me. Whenever someone comes to my house I try to give them things- food, candy, clothing- and I force it on them until they take it. Such an old lady. But I don't mind- I'll totally rock my old ladyness until I actually become one, and then I plan on being pretty kooky and weird.

Target cardigan (similar), Loft button up (another awesome option), Gap jeans, Gap loafers (still on sale)

Another way I know I'm an old lady on the inside? I love my pearl earrings. E got them for me for our anniversary and apart from my wedding band, they're my MVP of jewelry. I could and would wear them everyday. Sooo ooold! These are similar styles to the ones I have: 

If you ever find yourself with a little extra cash on hand and a need for some earrings that go with everything and never go out of style, I would recommend pearls. I never realized how much I needed something so basic until I had them and now I wear them endlessly. Thanks E!


  1. I'm always cold too :) And I love the print of your top!


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