Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Something Nautical

This outfit is my version of jaunty yacht captain. Something about blue pants and a blazer sends me straight to sea! Also, the one day I have a presentation and attempt to look extra professional, I end up repotting our bean sprouts and spilling strawberry banana goo on my pants. I don't always try to look professional, but when I do, I ruin my outfit before noon.

Nordstrom Rack blazer (similar), Gap shirt (attemping to solve the perfect striped tee mystery), Gap pants (similar), Gap loafers

Also, totally accidental Gap model, meaning I'm wearing nearly all Gap. This is happening increasingly as I replace my old wares with new, quality pieces. So I guess being a Gap model is a good thing.

Bulova watch, Kohl's necklace

I'd love to say that my accessories are ever changing and original... but alas... no. This set has been on heavy rotation the past few weeks. Once you get it right, no reason to change, right?


  1. Gorgeous post! Love those skinny jeans!

    xo Jessi


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