Sunday, April 12, 2015

Thrifted Favorites, Part 2: Striped Crop Top

As I progress through my spring capsule, one piece sticks out to me as one of the more versatile and fun items I selected. That would be my thrifted striped crop top. I don't have a long fun story like I did for my camel riding boots but I can say that this purchase took me completely by surprise. I remember picking it off the rack in a comely Goodwill and thinking, "Hey these stripes are nice." Next thing I know, its 9 months later and I'm still wearing it. This particular top has seen a lot of action on the blog, so let's review its uses:

In January:

 In March:

I love this shirt! I can layer it, dress it up or down, and its right at this perfectly weird length where you can't see my belly button but I can't wear it with low-rise jeans, so it functions as a crop top without it being too cropped. I can't wait for summer when I can bum around in this tank and cutoffs and ankle strap sandals, or in something a little more dressy like a midi skirt and flats.

I've looked high and low for similar tank tops to offer as alternatives, but pickings are slim! My only lament is that none of these options offer the same boxy fit that my thrifted one does. I think that cut is so fresh right now- we're moving away from the constantly tight and pulling tops of yester-year and towards something less form-fitting and more structured. Here is my best effort to recapture some of the magic!

If I destroyed my thrifted tank, this is probably what I would replace it with. It has a shorter length than mine, but I like the structure and the neckline.

This tank is a looser, more casual option. Perfect with jeans or cutoffs in the summer!

Definitely a crop! This is a great price and it seems to be pretty sturdy. This would be great with a full midi skirt!

Have you found anything excellent thrifting? What's from Goodwill or Salvation Army that has stuck around in your closet?


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