Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rejuvenate at Recess

This morning I woke up so grumpy and tired- I felt exhausted and irritated at everything. I spent most of the morning quiet, not commenting much during literacy centers and silently watching our students sing. Then we went to recess. Something about the cool breeze and the laughter of the 4 year olds made me calm down and open my heart. It's so easy to go through the whole day without realizing the blessing that is being a teacher! Being surrounded by children laughing and calling to me to show me that they've mastered swinging alone or doing a cartwheel is a refreshing experience after the sometimes frustrating situations in the classroom. 

Anyway- I'm grateful for the opportunity to have a mid-morning restart to the day.

This is my outfit for the 7-day Loft #liveinwhatyoulovecontest that started yesterday on instagram. The challenge was to show your favorite spring outfit- and all I need is black and white with a swingy skirt. So fresh!

Loft button up, thrifted skirt, Nine West purse, Jessica Simpson flats, Citizen watch

I just checked and saw that the Jessica Simpson lace-up flats I've been raving about have sold out. Such a bummer- these are one of the only affordable and quality pairs of laced flats I've seen! Hopefully, if this is a style you love, you can find another option. I'll probably do a round-up of laced flats and sandals for summer, so for now, happy hunting!

((Also a quick note- Here is my face! It does exist and it looks pretty normal. I would love to show you my whole self every time I share an outfit, but I'm usually only able to manage selfies and quick shots before I go off to class! Hopefully sometime in the near future I can upgrade my photos!))


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