Thursday, April 16, 2015


You know, the past few months have been pretty hard. This semester has been challenging in so many ways- university has been intense, work can feel a little relentless, and having an opposite work schedule from E means we only get (and I calculated) about 15 hours a week during which we're both awake. Believe me when I say I needed a win. And I got my win today- E's schedule will be changing next month to one in which we'll be sleeping at the same time and that for me is worth more than all the Target giftcards in the world (because who doesn't secretly or not-so-secretly adore Target?). I'm so grateful that I'll be spending more time with my amazing man- he's my rock in the tumultuous ocean of my life.

--End mushy love stuff--

I wore this simple outfit to class tonight and I loved it. Loft has some great scarves right now that are perfect for any season in which you might want a scarf (read: all the seasons!) because a lot of them are neutral- this black and white one, naturally, caught my eye a few weeks ago and I actually found it on ebay, because I just can't spend $25 dollars on a scarf. After living in Israel where they sell delightful pashmina knock-offs on every corner in the Hadar (which is a market), I feel like anything over $7 is to much.

Nordstrom Rack top (similar), Gap jeans, Loft scarf, Gap boots (similar)

By the way- both Gap and Loft have some nice sales going- 40% everything including sale at Loft (I also love this scarf!) and 40% off full-price at Gap, with 50% additionally off sale items. Go shop thoughtfully!


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