Sunday, March 29, 2015


What a weekend! And its only half-way through. Yesterday I celebrated my brother's engagement to one of my favorite people and so I was surrounded by friends, family, and Persian dancing. Yes please.

This dress was a last minute find in Nordstrom Rack (when I found my leather pants) and I had to quickly alter it myself. If I could offer advice to any person who doesn't always fit exactly into off-the-rack pieces, it would be to learn to alter things yourself. I learned because I thrifted these cool pieces that weren't quite right, and my mom's sewing machine was waiting in the closet for me to master (not that I've mastered it- I can sew in a straight line and that's really all it takes for minor alterations). You give me an oversized t-shirt and I'll tighten up the sleeves to make it a dolman shirt. You give me a giant skirt, I'll make it fit my figure. You give me a pair of flared pants, I'll make them skinny. Anything more than that I quake in fear and go to a tailor. But that's really all the alterations most things need- a little pinning and tucking here and there. Granted, I've only ever taken things in, only because I don't know how to let things out! I am very comfortable buying too big, especially because I have (relative to the rest of my frame) broad shoulders. If I had bought this dress to fit the rest of me, I'd be looking like the Hulk!

Dress (originally from Nordstrom Rack on major sale, at Kohl's for not major sale), Jessica Simpson flats, Nine West purse (similar)

I can't say enough good things about these shoes- they're comfortable, they're a little funky because they lace up, and they're black- which is always a plus for me. They also come in a nice taupe and are only $50, which for comfy cool shoes is a good deal as far as I'm concerned. Look for them a lot in the coming weeks- I have a feeling that the rest of my shoes will be taking a break. 


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