Monday, March 23, 2015

Tank Tops and Jeans

This weekend was far too short! But with the weather on the upswing and the coming weeks filling up with family visits and events (my brother's engagement party is Saturday! Eeeee!) I'm feeling more positive and not minding the daily barrage of work and school. Even in the mild Texas winter I get a little depressed, so I'm always amazed and appreciative of how the warm breeze and brighter light uplift me. Even in 60 degree weather, which is still chilly to me, I had to let my arms get a little sun yesterday.

I mentioned a post or two ago that I had cut my hair, and it's amazing how different I feel! I knew my old hair style had been a bit of a burden (read: my hair was driving me crazy) but I didn't realize how transforming it would be to change it! I'd had my hair long for about 5 years before this and it had always been great until recently, when it just felt heavy and flat and lifeless. I cut it and now I feel like a totally different person. Or actually, I feel way more like myself, in that I don't think it's a characteristic of mine to spend hours trying to solve the problem of why my hair is bothering me, so now with this shorter do, I don't have to think about it. A few curls with the curling iron (no, not a wand, I still don't get the deal with the curling wands) and some cream and I'm ready to go. I love it! 
Thrifted tank top (similar), H&M jeans, Gap boots (similar), Kohl's necklace (similar)


  1. <3 <3 <3
    Request for a post about how to pick out tights/leggings when it comes to size, color and design, feet or no feet, and how they look with certain stuff


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