Saturday, March 21, 2015

With the Boys

This cloudy Saturday I spent the day hanging out with my brothers, so naturally I went for my equivalent of a t shirt and jeans- a slouchy sweater and some cool waxed jeans. After a Starbucks trip and burgers for lunch, I was glad to have some give in my waist area!

Gap sweater (similar from the boys!), DIY waxed jeans (similar crazy on sale), Topshop jacket, Chinese Laundry flats, Nine West purse (similar)

I recently got this crossbody purse at Steinmart (this place is new to me, like a TJ Maxx for old ladies) and I love it- its brighter than what I would usually consider, but I liked the white for spring. My last crossbody bag bit the dust while I was wandering with E in Paris in December after only 6 months of light use, hopefully this one will be a little more hardy!

Also I cut my hair... I'm now attempting the lob after convincing myself I'd be happier with something lighter and easier to style than my long wavy hairstyle I had before. I have lots of inspiration on my beauty board on Pinterest. Check it out, maybe you'll be convinced too!

Happy weekend ya'll!


  1. I just cut my hair too! It feels amazing, I'm still getting used to it though.. I looove those shoes!! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)


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