Monday, March 30, 2015

Midi Skirt Week: Blue Pleats and Stripes

As I looked into the future via the weekly weather forecast I noticed something spectacular: it will (supposedly) be in the 70's and 80's all week. Now, as the daughter of a weatherman (what up, dad), I know that weekly forecasts see only somewhat accurate. Despite this knowledge and the fear that Thursday it could be snowing (you know, because Texas), I've decided this week will be midi skirt week. This is coming to you courtesy of my non-capsuled wardrobe because I need a break from it I have a lot of cute midi skirts. I wanted to try styling this style of skirt in different ways to give you lovely readers some ideas on all the options for this perfect spring staple. Keep in mind- it doesn't have to actually be a midi (below the knee) length for these styles to work, I just love midi skirts because they are so practical for the classroom!

Here's my day 1 of Midi Skirt Week! I feel like this should be called "edgy tea party."

Thrifted striped crop top, thrifted blue pleated midi skirt, Jessica Simpson flats, Ebay necklace

Look for more midi-skirt looks this week! I'm excited to show off all my thrifted midi gems. Yes, all my midi skirts are thrifted. Absolutely the easiest thing to find at a thrift store!


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