Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Style Icon

Since pinterest came into my life, with all its inspiration and addictiveness, I've really been able to use it to hone in my personal style. A few weeks also when I was building my spring inspiration graphic, I went practically back to the beginning of my style board and retraced my steps. At the beginning, I was all over the place. I pinned whatever caught my eye- the color of a dress whose silhouette was totally wrong for my body, an outfit with a great jacket but paired with a skirt much too short for my real life. Steadily I've gotten more and more narrowed down to what I actually wear and want to wear- the colors, pieces, fit, and style in each of the images I pin are actually what I would wear. Minus the heels. Even I can't avoid pins with heels.

Rarely do I find a blogger or celebrity who embodies in almost every photo I can find of them what I want- even the great Olivia Palermo, who I definitely admire, wears stuff that I just don't get. For someone to be my style icon, their style needs to be relatable as well as something to aspire to. I realized last night, after looking over my pins, that Jessica Alba is my style icon. I explored as many of her outfits as I could find on pinterest and I was surprised to see that I loved so many of them. Our body types are similar, so I can wear the same silhouettes as her. Her lifestyle, being a business woman and mother as well as into creative pursuits, gives her opportunities to look mommy chic (jeans, flats, t shirts, sandals, perfectly messy hair) and creative business casual (gorgeous blazers for days, full skirts, simple blouses). I just love her style! It's nice to find someone who I can look to for ideas when I want to kick it up a notch in my own style without stepping outside of what I want to wear.

Here are some of my favorite looks from Jessica Alba:

Can we just? She is flawless!


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